About Us

At Universal Care Home Health Agency, Inc., we believe that home health care services have revolutionized the way medical and personal care is delivered to patients. It is no longer a strict standard to only receive treatment in a hospital, a nursing home or a rehab facility. For you, this is a definite advantage. If you or a loved one is bound to home or is experiencing the difficulties of transitioning into old age, home health care services is the best alternative for you. Home health care is also a great way to receive personalized care.

It is a good time to start considering our agency to be your care provider. Universal Care Home Health Agency, Inc. provides home you with respect and dignity. While we are trained to administer therapy, care procedures and nursing as professionals, we don’t lose our hearts. We are still people who care for people like you or someone you love.

Our agency ensures that every patient’s need is given the appropriate response, regardless of the location they are currently confined in. They can be in their own home or in a retirement home. We remain consistent. When your health starts to be unpredictable, the most you need is consistency. At Universal Care Home Health Agency, Inc., we guarantee that our commitment is consistent. You get the quality home health services you expect.

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